Do You Want To Accept Credit Cards sttmigas? Below Are Guidelines For Credit Cards Approved By Your Bank Stt Migas

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Do you want to accept credit cards?

Having a credit card is not just a fad. When used wisely, credit cards offer many advantages and benefits. Using a credit card as a payment method makes shopping online and in stores easier. Credit cards also offer attractive rewards and discounts to their users.

With all these various advantages and benefits, it is no wonder that people’s desire to own a credit card continues to grow along with the rising standard of living and financial literacy of the Indonesian people. Credit card services may not be available to everyone. This is why many people wonder how to get approved for credit card tips and features. Because rejection is not good.

bank approved credit card tips

Maybe you are one of those people who felt the pain of being rejected by a bank for a credit card application. What do you think is the reason? So what do you need to do to get your credit card application approved? If you use this tip, your bank will approve your credit card application.

1. Make sure you qualify for a credit card

The first thing the bank has to consider is the qualification and ability of the potential customer to bear all the risks or obligations that arise from the credit card. The bank considers many things in this matter. One of them is a task that meets the criteria.

If you are an employee of a bona fide company, there is a good chance that your bank will accept the credit card you offer. However, this does not mean that banks will not accept applications from small business employees. The bank’s requirement to consider your application is that your company or office must have a cable facility or repair line that can be easily contacted for verification.

You must also have sufficient income of at least IDR 3 million per month. Don’t forget to attach payslips or proof of income from the finance department where you work.

2. You must have a clean credit history.

When you apply for a credit card, your bank will check your credit history with a bank or other financial institution. If your bank records are clean, your bank will accept your application. What does it mean? This means that you have never had a bad credit history or a significant credit liability.

In this context, the bank will request information about your banking history from the Office for Financial Services (OJK). The goal is the same, namely to determine your ability and commitment to receive credit card funds from your bank. If you have a bad credit card record, you can be sure that your bank will decline your credit card application.

3. Use Real Name Verification when applying for a credit card

You need to verify your real name to get approval from the bank. Remember, it is against the law to apply for a credit card using someone else’s identity. Use your KTP/SIM/passport to prove your ID is real.

4. Residential address according to KTP

It is recommended to apply for a local credit card that corresponds to your KTP card. The aim is to increase the credibility of banks and make it easier to verify where you live. It is best if your landline number is a landline type. If you’re having trouble paying your credit card bill, you can easily find one at your bank.

5. Be careful when choosing a bank

When applying for a credit card, you need to be very careful about the bank that provides this option. It is best to choose the bank that your office uses to transfer the salary. So that the bank can easily check your banking history.

In this case, you should also check your savings balance for the last three months and whether your savings are circulating properly and sufficiently. Your account will be one of the most considered by the bank because it can describe your financial strength.

6. Complete the listed requirements

Pay attention to your bank’s requirements. The application process is simplified, so make sure you meet all the requirements. Please note that if you submit an application that does not meet the requirements, it may be rejected by your bank.

7. Secure emergency contact information in the app

Many credit card applications fail due to pressing contact factors. Before you list someone’s name as an emergency contact on your credit card application, you should be able to call and get along with your relatives or family. So he wasn’t surprised when the bank that issued the credit card contacted him.

These are just a few tips for fast credit card issuance. Hope this helps.