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From shopping to tracking your finances, a credit card makes many things easier. One bank that is known for its easy to use credit cards and complete facilities is Central Asia Bank (BCA). To get this credit card, pay close attention to how to apply for a BCA credit card and get approved by your bank.

Why do I need a BCA credit card?

BCA is the largest private bank in Indonesia. This bank created by Djarum Group can become the biggest bank in Indonesia with many services and benefits at home and abroad. Almost all stores in Indonesia accept BCA credit card payments. If you want to apply for a BCA credit card with various benefits, of course.

Applying for a credit card is actually not that difficult. However, if the bank does not meet the requirements, it may not approve the application. Banks also have to avoid taking risks if credit card borrowers have trouble paying off their bills later. Because of this, banks usually have requirements they must meet in order to select potential borrowers.

To get your credit card application approved or expedited for BCA approval, see What to Prepare for a BCA Credit Card Application. Also see what you can get with this BCA card.

Why you should have a BCA credit card

1. Security

BCA’s credibility as one of the largest private banks in Indonesia is beyond doubt. Safety is one of the main reasons people keep their money in BCA. Likewise, there is no need to doubt the security of transactions and obtaining your BCA credit card.

2. Easy application

You can apply for a BCA credit card directly at the nearest BCA branch or online. Submit online and you can do it anywhere.

The requirements for applying for a BCA credit card are as follows:

If you already have a credit card, make a copy.

3. Cashback for new users

You can get up to IDR 1,000,000 cashback when applying for a credit card online.

Holders of BCA Everyday Card, BCA Mastercard Platinum, BCA Visa Batman, BCA UnionPay, BCA Blibli and BCA are entitled to get Rp 500,000 cash back.

Meanwhile, if you apply for BCA Card Platinum, BCA JCB Black, BCA MasterCard Black, BCA Singapore Airlines or BCA Visa Black, you can get cashback up to IDR 1 million.

Customers will receive cashback on their credit card accounts upon application approval and at least one transaction within one month of the account opening date during the program period, regardless of face value.

4. The first year is free

The free gift is only valid for the first year and up to 2 base cards and 2 additional members.

5. Lots of promotions and discounts

One of the benefits for BCA or BCA card holders is the breadth of the BCA network, so there are plenty of deals and discounts. Various benefits and discounts are available in more than 65,000 member stores and 12,000 BCA branches. This allows more efficient use of costs.

6. Convenient to use outdoors

If you often travel abroad, you can trust the BCA card. BCA offers low transaction rates so you can conveniently trade with other currencies. We also have a BCA travel service that makes it easy to organize your holiday needs such as holiday packages, travel documents, hotels and flights. The flat rate offer is also 0%.

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Do this before choosing a BCA credit card

If you already know the many benefits of a BCA credit card, there are a few steps to take before you apply.

1. Product identification

BCA has several credit card products or products that are often referred to as BCA Cards. For everyday needs, you can choose the Daily BCA card. Each BCA credit card includes an annual fee (primary and secondary), card usage limits, card replacement fees, over-limit fees and cash withdrawals (domestic and international).

Below are some of the credit cards offered by BCA.

– daily BCA card

– BCA Platinum card

– BCA SmartCash

BCA visa

– BCA black visa

BCA business visa

– Signature BCA Visa Singapore Airlines KrisFyer

– Black BCA Mastercard

– BCA Blibli Mastercard

– BCA MasterCard

-BCA Mastercard Platinum

– BCA JCB Black

– BCA UnionPay

– BCA American Express

2. Research different credit card fees

Other credit card, other charges borne by the owner. For example, for the BCA Everyday Card, you have to pay an annual fee of IDR 125,000 when you open the BCA website. Conversely, if you have a BCA Platinum card, the fee is IDR 250,000. There is an annual fee of IDR 450,000 to get a Visa Platinum card.

Credit card fees to consider include late fees, damaged card replacements, and over-limit fees.

3. Track interest charges and grace periods

BCA charges interest on cash withdrawals and purchase transactions. These expenses can be avoided by paying in full before the due date. Check your account by clearly reading the grace period or late fees.

4. Read your credit card agreement carefully.

The bank is open according to business conditions. Please read the credit card agreement clearly to understand clearly the rights and obligations of the credit card holder. Also, ask about the coverage or insurance that came with your credit card in case you lose your card or need emergency services.

How to Apply for a BCA Credit Card

After you decide whether to apply for a BCA credit card, you need to know the terms and conditions in order to go through the bank selection process. Here are a few ways to apply for a BCA credit card.

1. Create a credit card offline

To apply for a BCA credit card offline, visit a BCA branch directly. Don’t forget to fill out all the required documents and bring them to BCA Customer Service. Later, the bank will check the completeness of the required documents. Your bank will ask you to fill out a BCA credit card.

2. Online BCA credit card application

How to Apply for a BCA Credit Card Online This makes it easy to apply for a credit card because it can be done anywhere.

All. Please complete the electronic form at

Start submitting your selected BCA credit card here. BCA promises easy terms and fast processing. You can also look forward to various benefits.

Rain. Choose our online application service. You must be using the latest version of Google Chrome for seamless access.

Seed. Pay attention to the conditions you must meet.

Indonesian citizens between the ages of 21 and 65

Minimum monthly income IDR 3 million

– Creation of E-KTP, NPWP and SPT tax/wage.

Dr.. Click on “Show All Cards” ” select the type of card you want to select.

Hours. If you do not have a BCA account, please fill in the “BCA application”. Or, if you already have an account number, enter “account number ”.

F. Complete the instructions.

G. Check your email and print the confirmation letter.

Hours. Complete and sign the confirmation form.

i Send your receipt or take it to the nearest BCA branch.

jay. We are waiting for your bank to pre-verify your eligibility for a BCA credit card.

K. If your card application is approved, you must activate your BCA credit card by visiting your nearest branch or online or via BCA Mobile (1500888).


How to Apply for a BCA Credit Card As the largest bank in Indonesia, BCA Credit Card or BCA Card offers many benefits to its users. You can use it at many merchants and get various discounts.

There are only a few things you need to prepare to apply for a BCA credit card. Filing is not difficult as the requirements are minimal and can be done in person or online at a BCA branch. Good luck!