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Isn’t it great to have your own business? Be your own boss and leader, the benefits you can enjoy, a treasury where you can invest significantly in your financial development. Facilitating better financial planning for the future is not impossible.

However, there came a point where business was slow and stagnant. Or the business you run just took off but isn’t as busy as you hoped it would be. This means that the cause needs to be investigated. If the reason is really business development and you need capital, reassess what you need and what capital you need.

Once you have calculated the amount of capital you will need, you need to know about equity loans. This is because the government already has a program to provide capital assistance to SMEs and cooperatives. The name of this program is People’s Business Credit or KUR for short.

An individual business loan is a working capital or investment financing scheme for small businesses and cooperatives. The loan amount you can get depends on your needs, but it will not exceed IDR 500,000,000. KUR has three credit schemes for small businesses and cooperatives. One of them is KUR Micro with a limit of IDR 50 million with a low interest rate of 6% per annum.

So how do you get KUR for the continuity of the business you run? At the very least, you should know a few steps to take when applying for a KUR at your bank. listen!

Don’t forget to check these 4 things before applying for KUR!

1. The work done is productive and empowering.

A productive enterprise is a business that produces goods or services that aim to provide added value and income as an entrepreneur. Decent work is work that pays you. Make sure your business is viable and productive.

2. Preparation of required documents

Documentation is one of the requirements that must be met when applying for KUR financing from a bank. These are identity documents, trade certificates, trade certificates, business proposals, financial reports and other necessary details.

3. Visit the nearest KUR issuing bank

Your next step may be to visit the nearest bank office or even a branch of the bank that distributes the KUR. Don’t forget to clearly find out information about methods, terminology and everything about KUR. The more information you have, the more it can help you make an action or decision.

4. Apply for KUR

After obtaining information and deciding which bank will apply for KUR financing, you can apply for KUR together with the documents. The bank will then conduct a survey to see if the business meets the requirements or not. If you meet the requirements, your KUR will be paid immediately.

Therefore, in order for you to receive KUR immediately, your bank must meet certain conditions. If all these conditions are met, the application for KUR is safe. There are four conditions for the approval and payment of KUR applications.

First, your business will last at least 6 months and not go bankrupt. Second, as a borrower or borrower, you are not bound by any other credit agreements. Third, make sure your business is productive and compliant with government regulations. Fourth, attach all the documents needed for the KUR application.

If you follow the above steps, you will most likely get a loan from KUR. Moreover, depending on the benefits you get, you can immediately expand your business to increase your income.

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